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Become A Member:    

To become an Acting member of Fringe Theatre Company, you will be asked to audition with a 2-minute monologue of your choice, at which time you will be evaluated by the Artistic Director and Members of the company. Fringe is primarily interested in new/original/experimental/cutting-edge work, so although you can present us with a Shakespeare monologue, it is recommended that you do something a little more risque.

Actors who are chosen to come back for an interview will not have to audition a second time, but rather will be interviewed by the Artistic Director and Members of the company as to why they would like to be a member, what else (besides acting ability) they think they can contribute to a company, etc.

Auditions are held periodically throughout the year. Check back for specific dates.

Artists who are interested in joining our Company in a role other than Actor (Director, Designer, Stage Manager, etc.) can request an interview with our Artistic Director by using the form below.